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Receptions in Naples

Aletta plans receptions in Naples: parties, theme parties and weddings.


Aletta offers its knowhow and team to achieve a final result that satisfies its customers, relieving them of every organization burden. The company’s team plans the reception with the usual attention to details paid to every activity.
Aletta’s team starts from the selection of the location for the ceremony and the guest list as agreed with the customer. It contacts the catering service, creates the decorations and setting, suggests the music, colours and design. The final goal of the company is to plan an event that satisfies the customer, in which the elements are well combined and balanced. Such goal is achieved thanks to the experience and skills of Aletta’s creative team and technicians. Furthermore, working with reliable partners makes every reception unique and every party an unforgettable and amazing event.

Whether it is a party or a wedding, trust Aletta, the leading company for your receptions in Naples.