Exhibition stands

Setting up exhibition stands in Naples

Aletta is a company specialized in setting up exhibition stands in Naples and all over Europe. Exhibition stands are important display windows for those companies willing to promote their products and services through events that attract potential customers from all over the world.
Exhibition stands are different than ordinary stands from one point of view, but very similar from another one. For example, exhibition stands have a different size, but the methodological approach is the same. The concept of the exhibition stands like the one of the company stands, is first developed through a close partnership between the company and the customer. Aletta designs the exhibition area with the products and services to attract the customers the company is interested in. The company acts as a partner and consultant in the planning phase and helps Aletta identify the final target of the exhibition area.

As with the ordinary stands, the exhibition stands need to seduce the visitors, the potential customers and their senses. Since the company shows its products and services close to its competitors in the fair, the need to attract and persuade new market segments is crucial to achieve a better position in the sector. Therefore, relying on visual marketing experts is pivotal to benefit from the event and achieve the best commercial goals. As for the company’s other services, also this one is carried out by expert and skilled professionals, who take care of each phase with precision, attention and care. After the event Aletta takes care of the dismantling of the exhibition area. If you are not interested in the consultation and planning services for exhibition stands in Naples, but you still need to set up your stand, Aletta rents its equipment: furniture, videos, systems and all you may need.