Fashion shows in Naples

Aletta organizes fashion shows in Naples, all over Italy and Europe. Such events require a constant update about the latest news in the design and, of course, fashion industry.

Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are not anymore a prerogative of the fashion industry. Today the fashion shows and events in this sector have broadened their past horizons and contaminated many other places like exhibition and fairs. In a constantly and quickly changing context like the one of contemporary fashion, there is the need of a specific training to successfully design and plan a fashion show or event. The companies planning the fashion shows or events are true image and communication consultants to which stylists and fashion houses trustfully turn.

Working in the fashion industry means putting together many different professionals in a complex production that resembles an art show. Aletta plans fashion shows in Naples with passion and professionalism, experimenting shapes, materials, sounds and colours and drawing inspiration from the creative universe where stylists and designers work. The fashion industry is always looking for new ideas, challenges, display concepts opposed to homologation, its goal is to find the perfect idea to amaze everybody.