Exhibitions and congresses

Setting up exhibitions in Naples

Aletta takes care of artistic events like fashion shows and exhibitions in Naples, in Italy and Europe. Such events need to be constantly updated about the latest news in the art, design and fashion industries.


As for every exhibition, also art exhibitions need to recall and be in harmony with what they show. The creative intuition needs to match the story, the culture and the concepts expressed in the artworks. Once again the senses are involved and associated with the space, the graphic elements and sounds, they must be integrated and not apart, mixed and not separated, creating a single context in which the artwork, the jewel, the old book or any other art item is perfectly combined with the surrounding space. If exhibition stands need to persuade and attract the customers with a strong effect, in the art industry the setting needs to be more discreet, organically combined with the item displayed, it should not divert the attention but at the same time promote the key elements of the artwork.

Aletta works with its team in partnership with artists, curators, sponsors, museums and galleries. Its employees are professional, motivated, aware of the latest trends in the art world and able to fully use all the technologies available. Without such professional and expert skills the exhibition looses strength and becomes unnoticed. Aletta’s creativity and vitality in setting up exhibitions in Naples and Europe can make the difference.


Aletta also sets up congresses and guarantees top quality performances. Such events are the mirror of the company or institution they are dedicated. Aletta, thanks to its expert staff, provides top quality services which meet the customers’ needs.