Aletta s.r.l. in Napoli

Synergy and professionalism

For more than 50 years an ongoing and exciting challenge

The company Aletta srl was established in the Fifties as an individual company to decorate churches and festival stages. After a few years it broadened its horizons and became the leader in the fashion and congress industry, including trade fairs. And in the most recent years it has included also the wedding planning activities among its services.

Despite being in Naples, the company works all over Italy and Europe. It plans private and public events and over the years it has worked with many prestigious commercial and institutional partners. Today Aletta is the official event planner of the American government in Naples and the NATO headquarters in Campania and Lazio.

The team is composed by ten highly qualified people in charge of various tasks. More than just planners, they are “personal stylists”: they shape every event with many types of refined decorations, coverings and accessories.

The team includes people with many talents for each role: from designers to marketing experts, from technicians to accountants. Every member of Aletta is ready to help the customers and aims to create a satisfying and pleasing event. The utmost attention is paid to the market segments and to the latest design and technological innovations. Thanks to the ongoing research for new stylistic and functional solutions, the company plans and produces exciting exhibitions and events that involve all senses. The team of Aletta S.r.l. in Naples aims to persuade, excite and attract visitors and participants to its events, whether they are just stands or receptions or art exhibitions.

Synergy, experience and friendliness are the key values of Aletta s.r.l. in Naples.

The market segment is wide and varied and includes companies, private customers, associations and agencies. Anyone can rely on its professional and skilled team members.